How Coaching Can Help You As An Individual

Coaching provides a cost-effective way to continue your own development

Each time you participate in a coaching conversation, whether as coach or coachee, you continue your self-development. A sound coaching process encourages improved self-awareness and accelerates your learning from experience.

Any coaching session will bring some of these benefits, whether it’s in the form of a contracted series of coaching sessions or a two-minute purposeful conversation with a colleague.

Coaching gives you a sounding board

In many organisations people are discouraged from sharing their concerns or ‘what if’ ideas, perhaps out of worry about starting rambling conversations that go off at a tangent and waste time. Consequently managers in particular may find themselves without someone to talk things over with, possibly leading to unvoiced worries and potentially good ideas that never see the light of day – as well as the more damaging effects of bottled-up feelings, isolation and even depression.

Once a coaching culture begins to take root, it will be easier to find a manager or colleague to talk things over with. They will feel more open to meaningful conversations, because they will feel confident that both of you have the skills to keep the interaction headed in a productive direction.

Coaching gives you an effective way of generating ideas and clarifying your direction

A well-designed coaching process gives you time to step back from the myriad competing demands of the working day and get some perspective so you can more easily distinguish the important from the trivial.

It gives you space to organise your thoughts and quieten your mental chatter for long enough to allow good ideas to emerge. Sharing your thoughts with an interested listener in the context of a results-oriented conversation will usually lead to new insights and creative solutions that you might not have found on your own.