I have been a farmer since 2009… well sort of

I wrote this is 2009… sadly it still applies.

I believe that you cannot grow strong trees without solid roots. Granted a mighty oak is grown from a tiny acorn BUT if that acorn is bounced around fields for 16 years will it ever take root let alone grow strong.

What would happen if an acorn were not taking root where it currently was as it hadn’t been properly nurtured or loved or there was too many other acorns vying for the same food, sunlight and water, simple answer it would die.

Now if that acorn was taken out of that difficult or impossible situation and given its own space and the time it needs to take root isn’t it fair to say it would probably still be able to grow into that mighty oak that always lay dormant with its growth potential?

Today we live in an industrialised factory culture, a conveyor belt mentality that prefers to bin something (or someone) that appears to be somewhat defective or none-confirmative. 

What happens to young people that are different, don’t quite fit into the preset societal mold or need a little more time and space to plant their roots… they get binned socially, emotionally and ultimately economically.

Now, if we chose to go back to our agricultural backgrounds we would I believe find solutions to many of these problems. When a farmer plants their seeds they must give them all the love they need to get a return on their effort and energy. If they simply uprooted and discarded anything that took a little longer to grow at the predetermined and agreed rate, they would be an awful farmer and their life would be futile and fruitless.

A good farmer will give as much water (love) and sunshine (praise) as their seeds need to reach their potential and in return they will grow an amazing crop.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all parents were able to do the same? I know not all problems that children incur are down to their parents but it is generally accepted that our parents are the single most influential force in our young life.