The 21 reasons I succeed

I get asked quite often how I stay focussed on and achieve my goals.

 Here are 21 things I do to make things happen

  1.  Say it as you believe it to be – have an opinion
  2.  Turn bad news into opportunities to improve
  3.  Recognise all set backs are temporary
  4.  Share the load – failure to delegate leads to failure to achieve
  5.  Accept what is out of your control and stop worrying about it
  6.  Make time for reflection
  7.  Decide what is needed and deliver it
  8.  Give praise for genuine effort as well as achievement
  9.  Never enter a meeting without a plan
  10.  Always listen more than you talk
  11.  Keep one eye on the big picture
  12.  Create win-win alliances – Allies are more powerful than you think
  13.  Use only clear language – ensure your instructions make sense!
  14.  Speak with confidence – bring the certainty and you gain control
  15.  Always address people’s fears and worries – cynics need your TLC
  16.  Be ready to change if something stops working – only do what works
  17.  Use intelligent questions to discover the REAL issues behind others concerns
  18.  Support your people to raise their standards – mediocre is never good enough
  19.  Plan your time – you never get it back
  20.  Impress the people who you aspire to be like – make your own opportunities
  21.  Identify your next peer group then go and meet them