Young People are ACE! We all need to tell them more often.

I am fed up of only hearing about the negative things a minority of young people get up to.

I have always been committed to rewarding young people for their achievements and celebrate their successes with them and for them. Small children have a natural confidence and exuberance that is ‘taught out of them’ by modern education and media established stereotypes and witch hunts. 

I believe Young People need to be led towards what is possible for their futures rather than what they currently believe is probable.

Our media is polluted with stories of feral young people that terrorise peaceful communities and rampant gang cultures that are destroying our society.

 The truth is that there is a tiny minority of young people engaging in antisocial and undesirable activities. The vast majority are leading positive lives.

Focusing so much media attention on this minority actually drives vulnerable youth towards an antisocial lifestyle, as they see it being given the same glamour as being a pop star or sports personality.

 I believe you get what you focus on and become what you practice. When you focus your attention on something your energy and motivation flows towards it. By increasing the notoriety of this minority you create an underground celebrity culture that other young people aspire to join.

We need more than a project or campaign, we need a movement that will create a positive representation of today’s youth culture, one that is as compelling and exciting to young people as it reassuring and heart warming to Adults.

I have always celebrated the positive impacts and achievements of young people and popularise the idea of creating and living an independent positive lifestyle. By focusing our attention solely on positive achievement and sharing good practice, I believe we can give young people a genuine alternative to the mainstream media witch hunts of young people… who else is ready?