What Is Coaching?

“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance”

Sir John Whitmore, Coaching For Performance

No matter how experienced and successful you are, Coaching will help you to achieve better results and develop as a personally and professionally. Each of us has untapped abilities and the potential to improve, so you can transcend your limitations and create the life you want.

What we can achieve is influenced by our habits, the tools and support we have available, the people around us, what we believe, and what we tell ourselves – all of which you can change.

Everyone has days that are better than others. Coaching can help you have more good days, and go beyond what you thought was your best, by asking the right questions to help you identify what works for you.

“Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.”

Myles Downey, Effective Coaching

What Coaching Is Not

  • Counselling Unlike counselling, coaching is goal-oriented – it’s about achieving tasks and building capability rather than making the individual feel better.
  • Therapy Unlike therapy, which searches the past for the (presumed) causes of problems, coaching focuses on the present and the future with the intention of improving performance.
  • Training Coaching is not about telling people how to do things. It’s about asking the right questions that help the coachee to find the solutions that work for them. So – you don’t have to be a technical expert or experienced in the subject area in order to coach someone successfully!
  • A touchy-feely soft option Coaching is all about improving performance in line with business needs. The most effective way to do this in the medium to long term is to develop your staff and enrich the relationships you have with them.