What is Facilitation

 The act of making something easier in group work,

As a facilitator I work with a group of people to help them have a conversation, come to agreement, or plan for the future. In general I act as a trusted and neutral outside voice, making decisions about the process the group goes through but allowing the group to focus on and control the content of the discussion.

I act as a gentle guide, making it easier for the group to have that discussion.

Typical facilitation contracts include:

  • Away days & retreats, for a staff team, management team, Board or partnership to take time out to reflect, learn and plan together.
  • Team-building events, for team members to get to know each other better, to build team spirit, and to work together on how they want to work together as a team
  • Conferences and conference sessions, for participants to share experiences, reflect and learn together on an issue, topic or wider theme
  • Consensus Workshops, including Mission, Values, Vision and other workshops.
  • Action Planning, for a team, organisation or community to plan a short to medium-term project, or an event such as a conference, or to plan for an interim period to recover from a crisis or research an opportunity
  • Participatory Strategic Planning, to plan medium to long-term strategy for a team, organisation or community, from their vision of their desired future to a 30-day implementation plan of who will do what & how, starting on “Monday morning”
  • Strategic reviews, for a team, organisation or community to review progress against a plan, learn from and celebrate their experience and plan their next steps
  • Stakeholder consultation & qualitative research, to engage with stakeholders, learn from their perspectives and build ownership and commitment for the way forward.
  • Facilitator coaching & mentoring, supporting you as you plan, design, prepare and reflect on a process that you yourself facilitate with your group
  • Facilitated reflection and learning on your practice of participation, teamwork and partnership.
  • Capacity development– a longer term series of events, combining tailored facilitation with tailored training to develop the facilitation capacity of you and your team or organisation.